Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Quickies/Quirkies

I have wanted one of these forever!  I would look on e-bay or other sites and most were a bit pricey for my budget.  My mom had this one the entire time tucked in some closet!  It's mine now, baby!

I guess I'm not 13, but why is this sexy or cute?  I just can't figure out the fascination with this guy.  Guess I had teen idols that grownups didn't care for, but I have an appreciation for Big Time Rush and even One Direction, but I will never understand JB.

Was hoping to be sitting under one of these next week, but the trip was cancelled.  I'm a very sad girl right now.  I was hoping to regroup, meditate, journal, and forget about job hunting just for a few days.

I want this sign!

This little guy made my day...

with this:

I've decided that I could camp if I could be a Glamper!  Who wouldn't love camping in these?  Heck, I'd glamp in my backyard every weekend! 

Check out the inside of a couple.  Adorable!!

Here are some more pictures of some cute exteriors and interiors.  Can you tell I'm partial to pink? 

Check out this little cupcake business.  Gives me an idea or three.  Cute little burger stand?  My dad makes such great burgers, I know we'd do well.  Yogurt or homemade ice cream stand?  Soups for the fall and winter?  I know in my area, people are desperate for good food and new places.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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