Friday, August 29, 2008

Indiana Jones or Minnesota Cuke?

We're already talking Halloween around here because it's one of my favorite times of the year. Of course, I've joined the ApotheSCARY swap over at Mine to Thine, and we've started asking Jake about his costume this year. He told Pat the other night he wanted to be Indiana Jones. I'm curious how he knows about Indiana Jones, but Pat says commercials. Okay. She also says Indiana Jones resembles Minnesota Cuke. Perhaps she's right! What do you think?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Please, Oh Please!

I am so hopeful tonight! I spoke with a friend of mine today about my job search, and she is going to talk to another supervisor where she works about the possibility of my filling one of three available positions! I will be praying hard over this one. I don't want to give any details just yet! Stay tuned, and please say a prayer, cross your fingers, light a candle, think good thoughts, whatever you do! Thanks!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Dress Up, Bunny Baths, and No Training Wheels!

One night I heard Jake and Pat talking about playing dress-up. Not sure whose idea this was, but here's what I saw at the fashion show. Amazing how Pat had such boyish looking clothes for him to wear!

He had a blast doing this and was quite the model. Thank goodness for Pat's clothes considering the only other option would have been Mommie's, and although I would have thought him cute, I'm sure those pictures would be much more embarrassing than these!

On the bunny front, Ginger is settling right in. She knows when Pat walks in at night that it's feeding time, but I swear she's a bunny pig! She wants to eat all the time!

Here's her "help me" shot during bath time the other day:

"This just isn't right, humans."

And here is her "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." shot: Hehe

"You WISH your facial hair looked this good!"

And now for the big news! My baby is riding his bike WITHOUT training wheels! My heart stops watching him, but after one afternoon of instructions from Pat, he's doing it! She's so good at teaching him things like this. I'm amazed at her sometimes. He's a pretty quick learner, too.

Amazing! Where's my baby?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jake Tested for 4K

Yesterday was our appointment for Jake's testing for 4-year-old kindergarten. It's based on need they say, and I'm not sure if that's financial need or educational need, and it may even be both since they asked for related information on the tons of paperwork I had to fill out. I think he needs to start for his socialization skills, but I guess we just wait to hear at this point.

He was not happy about going for this test. I tried to explain it all to him, say every good thing I could think of about kindergarten, but nothing worked especially once he realized he was going to be taken to another room for his testing. He cried so until he was splotchy with hives. Finally, one of the teachers told me that if I'd wait until they'd finished with everyone else, I could stay with him for the testing, something they aren't supposed to do. I didn't just want to give up so I was grateful they offered this to us.

First, he had to catch a bean bag thrown at him with both hands and then with his right arm behind his back. Then he had to use blocks to build the same configuration the teacher built. Out of the four, he did the first two and the last one, which was the hardest. He had to draw some shapes and write some letters, both of which need work.

I don't know the names for these tests, but next they showed him pictures of things like a plane and a car and asking him what you did with them. He got most of them except the plane and the thermometer, but when she redirected the question, like which one do you fly in and which one tells you whether it's hot or cold, he could point those two out.

Then there was counting, 1-20, and he did great with that. For some reason he would not say his ABCs, but he did identify letters for her. He needs work on the sounds the letters make. Then colors and shapes matching, all of which he did well on.

I guess it's just a wait and see thing now. In a way, I want him to go because, again, he needs to get away from Mommie some and needs friends. I just wish that he wouldn't cry so about my leaving him. It makes it that much harder for me to keep my composure, which I know I have to do. The thing is, and I would never share this with him, I was exactly the same way! My mom took me into my first grade class, told me bye, and I made it back to the car before she did. She sat with me until the teacher convinced me to go back in with her. Thing was, Jake wouldn't even listen to the teachers. He just kept saying "I won't do it." over and over.

I'd love any advice you have!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Shhh...Be vewy quiet...I'm hunting Wabbit!

I always LOVED Bugs Bunny...I'm just not sure I ever wanted a REAL bunny!

Yep, she's real, and at least we THINK it's a girl! She's a Lionhead rabbit. Pat thought the lady who had them was pulling her leg about the name, but once she got home, Google proved her wrong. Lionhead bunnies are a fairly new breed, supposed to be pretty docile, and make great pets.

I'm not sure what came over Pat as she held this bunny and talked to the lady about them...not sure why she thought this would be a great first pet for Jake, but she did and she's here and well, I don't know what else to say! LOL!

This lovely creature's name is GingerSnap, and now that she has her own cage, a bell with something attached for her to chew on, food, water, a fresh baby carrot once a day, and alfalfa also for chewing, she seems to be settling in. Oh yeah, Pat even gave her a bath on Sunday so she's clean, too! Oh, she's not full grown yet, but we're not sure of her age, as Pat forgot to ask, but we know she's a couple of months at least.

Jake seems to like her. I know he likes to sit and watch her and talk to her, and then when Pat takes her out of her cage for exercise, he really laughs at her hopping around. Her furry feet slide on our wood floor and she's more flopping than hopping!

I guess we'll see how it goes, but I was kind of hoping for a cat or puppy. LOL!

Friday, August 8, 2008

What could this be?

The last time I ever went through something like this I was 19 or 20. I'd come home from classes and work, shower, and go to bed. If I managed to get myself up to start the next day, it would be exactly the same routine. In bed by 6 pm or even earlier depending on how quickly I got back to my apartment in the afternoons. I could look back on that time and see that I was depressed. Had to be because for Heaven's sake I lived in Atlanta, and there's tons to do in Atlanta and no reason really for plain old boredom. Weekends were spent in bed, and I mean I would sleep the entire weekend away. I might get up to go to the grocery store, but I'd be right back in bed once the groceries were put away and I had a bite to eat.

I eventually ended up back home before finishing the last two quarters I had to go towards getting my degree. I don't necessarily regret it because I believe things happen for a reason. My life underwent many changes once I got home and I personally did some self discovery and eventually felt like I was on the right track. I took the good with the bad because I've never been one of those "lucky" people, but I could handle most of whatever came my way.

Now I'm 44 years old and I feel like I'm that 19 year old girl again. I SHOULD NOT feel this way! I have a wonderful family and a son that I treasure more than anyone or anything on this earth. I also have so much coming up to look forward to: A great vacation and a weekend that I cannot wait to get here in October! I know how blessed I am, but why am I feeling so...I don't know even how to describe it. All I want to do is sleep.

I finished work last night and immediately decided not to watch any television...just curled up in the chair in the living room that for some reason has been my bed for a while and went right to sleep. I slept like a rock until 7:30 this morning, 7 hours of sleep, when I heard Jake get out of bed. I made him breakfast, checked e-mail and Tallyscrapper. I talked to Pat a bit before she left for work. Then, I curled up in my chair and just sat there. I don't let myself sleep because, of course, I have Jake to watch, but I didn't even have the sound up on the television, just sat there talking to Jake or in silence if he was off in his room playing. I didn't move until 2:00 pm! Um...I'm supposed to start work at noon! What the hay?? I've done this for more than 2 weeks now. NOT GOOD!

Yes, I take an anti-anxiety/depression med faithfully. Maybe my dose needs an increase? Who knows? Maybe it's just PMS again because I know that I get cuckoo around that time, or can being so discontented with my job make me feel this way? I've started sending out the old resume again and perhaps getting no response is dragging me down?

This feeling comes around a lot, but usually I get over it and buckle down, realizing Jake has to start school before I can go to work outside the home. This time, though, it's not going away. Perhaps Mommie is so freaking bored out of her mind that I HAVE to get out of this house? I'd never have thought that I would want to go back to work outside the home after getting my work-at-home job, and sometimes I think I'm nuts for even thinking about it, but now I think I need it. I need it for my own sanity, I think.

Wish me luck, say a prayer, or light a candle. Thanks!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Update on Tally Rally!

Click the link on the right to see updated info on the SC Tally Rally. It's about two months away!!! Woohoo!!