Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We have an Elf on The Shelf, but he's not staying on his shelf! Elfis (cute, right?) is very mischievous! Here's what the little guy's been up to since he moved in.

Elfis has been really fun to have around for sure, and Jake cannot wait to see what he's been up to while we've been away all day.

I'm enjoying preparing for Christmas this year much more than last. My tree is up and decorated, and I've actually finished with Santa Claus already. Still have other gifts to get, but I feel good knowing Jake's all taken care of.

I found these snowflakes at Publix really cheap. I think they look cute in the window.

My other grandmother will turn 90 in April. This past Sunday she hosted her traditional Christmas dinner for our extended family. There's usually anywhere from 25 to 40 people depending on who makes it. This year I think I counted 37. She cooks all of the food herself still, but does let my step-mom bring a couple of dishes and desserts. Everything was delish as usual, but dang it, that tradition of letting the men prepare their plates first has got to go! Most of the piggers are back in line for seconds before us gals get kids' plates prepared and then our own! Seriously, I believe her mother did dinners this way and she's kept that tradition. I'd like to think it's to get them out of the way and hush them up! Ha!

Green beans, potatoes, corn, turkey, sweet potato souffle, dressing, gravy, nom nom nom!

My cousin, Hope, has connections with the big guy from the North Pole. He made an appearance at my grandmother's! The kids were very excited!

Hope, who made Santa possible, with her hubby Curtis. Thanks, Hopie!

All the kids with Santa.

Another good time at my grandmother's and we're all hoping next year is just as nice!

It's only going to get busier from here. I have to finish cleaning the house for this weekend when us girls get together for my great aunt's birthday. We're all meeting here, and I'm very excited for some of them who will see my new place for the first time. I also have Christmas dinner at my dad's Saturday evening. Jake's out of school after this week and then it will be Christmas Eve before you know it! We'll go to my mom's and then Christmas morning to my grandmother's again. Hmmm...I feel the need to make a list. I have way too much to do!

Merry Christmas, everyone!