Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finding Normal

So much has changed over the past 2-1/2 years. Actually, I cannot believe it’s been that long since things kind of went upside down. A separation after so long together, a move to an apartment that never felt like home, and then another move to a place I really love and that is beginning to take the shape of home, a place that’s headed in the “homey” direction, that’s comfortable, and feels like my own. Oh, I procrastinate at procrastination when it comes to unpacking, sorting, tossing, organizing, etc. but it’s getting there. Who knew I had 8 years of toys stored in the attic? And I guess I did know I had way too much in the way of scrapbooking supplies. I probably have way too much “stuff” for the kitchen, but there was more entertaining at one time that I hope to begin again although the “stuff” could be thinned out some. Don’t even get me started on photos and photo albums. At some point, everything will have a place, and I remind myself I do not have certain furniture pieces yet that would make storing these things easier. It will all come though. Eventually.

Jake has a room of his own that usually has laundry on the bed, toys on the floor, and whatever I might be sorting through at the time laying around since we sometimes watch television there. His bathroom needs cleaning. He has clothes that are too small that need donating. He needs a curtain or blind on the window. Eventually.

My room is a work in progress. I’m fickle when it comes to colors, bedding, styles, and furniture. I love an all-white bedroom, but orange does something for me. Blue is serene and the girly girl in me can’t help but want a little pink in there somewhere. I’ll make up my mind. Eventually.

The other day, I was sitting at the dining room table working with a jigsaw puzzle. These puzzles have become my wind down, my stress relief, my brain work, and perhaps they do not help with my procrastination problem, but I enjoy them. Sitting there I looked up and saw Jake blowing bubbles on the patio and singing some song he’d learned watching a Monster High YouTube video, I heard the dishwasher humming in the background, I had the television on my favorite classic movie station, and I thought…gosh, we’ve found normal again! It was a “normal” Saturday. I had cleaned the downstairs, started the dishes, and was taking a break before I went upstairs to conquer my constant laundry pile, and “normal” was happening all around! There may be things I still need for the house, things I still need to do something with, but here we were enjoying being at home, enjoying bubble blowing and the fact that the dishes were getting done and that laundry was waiting and it was a wonderful feeling! It felt so…normal! It hit me that I didn’t need to worry about all the things that needed to be done. They were getting done, perhaps not at a pace I would have preferred, but the piles were getting smaller and the boxes were being emptied. What a great feeling it was, exciting and calming at the same time.

Jake came in the house about that time to tell me something about Monster High that he’d told me at least 1,764 other times, and I pulled him close and asked him if he knew how much I loved him. He always says yes, but I know he really has no clue. I looked at my little boy and felt very happy. It’s been a long time coming, but “normal” is back, “normal” is the new haute couture for 2012. I knew it would find us again. Eventually.