Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Project Comfort-Still Here and Crocheting!

I'm almost finished with a beautiful yellow shawl for a co-worker. I can't wait to finish it and give it to her! I used this yarn mainly because it was the perfect shade of yellow, but it does unravel easily and splits like the one review on the site says if you aren't careful.

I have a pink shawl finished except for fringe and I have got to get that finished. I think I'm finally back in the crochet groove so hopefully I can take care of that pretty quickly.

Remember, if you'd like a shawl for someone send me an e-mail. I've reprinted the paragraph below from another post that tells you what Project Comfort is if you're new to my blog.

I started Project Comfort when I learned about the Prayer Shawl Ministry. About the same time, I learned of a woman diagnosed with cancer, someone close to my age, and it made me realize how fast things can change in our lives. Half of the proceeds from the sell of any comfort shawls go back into Project Comfort so that shawls can be made and donated to anyone undergoing a difficult time in their life such as chemotherapy, dialysis, or grieving of a passed loved one. Many choose to have the shawls blessed by their pastor or priest before giving it to the recipient. My crocheted shawls may have slight imperfections, but these should not be anything you notice. Items are from a smoke-free and pet-free home. If you have any allergies to yarn materials such as silk, alpaca, wool, etc. please let me know and I can choose a yarn made without any of these materials.