Friday, January 23, 2009

Put away your guns! It's GERM WARFARE!

I have it!   I have the solution to winning the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and any war from here on out!  

What I have discovered makes most people toss their cookies.  NO ONE wants to touch it or have it touch them.  It's better than any net because of it's stickiness and viscosity.  It sends most GROWN MEN running!  Once you have it, it's almost impossible to get rid of.  It can close off any opening, i.e. a cave where the Taliban are hiding, and insures there is no escape.

What I haven't figured out is how to harvest this, but I do know that giant balloons filled with the stuff dropped on our enemies is all it will take!  It could even be used in minimal amounts to break up disruptive protesters in our own country, fighting teenagers, and wives could purchase small balloons of the stuff to use on unruly children/husbands.

Another thing on harvesting is that it would take place mostly in the winter months, but I THINK we could probably have a stockpile in no time at all.

Do you know what it is--What my solution to guns and war and all that is?  It's not Ricin (sp) or any of those other horrible agents.  Nah, those are certainly dangerous, but there's something about this agent that...well, if you're a mom, you know JUST what I'm talking about...

Maybe I'll let you guess!  : )

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gutter Girlz Sneak!

The latest Gutter Girlz challenge will be revealed on the 15th!  If you haven't jumped in to play with us, this prompt is a great one to start with!  Here's a little sneaky from me!