Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lots of Changes

It's been pretty busy around here the past few weeks. I've gone from having a job I was so fed up with to a job I really like and actually make money doing! Whoo hoo! It's amazing how things fell into place with this job. Honestly, I was worried about going to work outside the house again. I'd been at home for 8 years and thought that, along with my age, would make it hard for me to find something. Prayers were answered though every step of the way. I really felt after the interview that I had the job, but was worried about the hours. They wanted to start me out 10 am until 7 pm. What on earth would I do with Jake? I couldn't afford daycare of any sort right away and my mom was backing out on picking up Jake for me if I got a job. Instead of worrying though, I just prayed. When I got the call on Labor Day, prayers were answered when my boss told me she needed me to start out part time 8 to 2:30. YES! I readily accepted without thinking twice. When I started, the job was a busy one, which I like, and it was what I call mindless. Oh, you still need to know what you're doing, but for me it was perfect. No stopping to look up drugs or medical terms, no listening over and over to try and figure out what some sloppy dictation was supposed to be. It was great.

I was to be one of two people doing this job, and when the young girl came back from family medical leave, it seemed to work out fine. I think though because I get in there and work and don't slack off, that it made her slacking off more noticeable. I'm not bragging or anything; it was just the way it was. She was constantly texting on her cell phone or talking on the phone at work, constantly up and down from her desk and talking. I was worried for her myself that she may get fired.

My boss approached me one day and asked me how soon I could go full time. Telling her the truth, I said it would be as soon as I could figure out care for my son after school and that my mom had kind of backed out of what she and I had discussed. My boss also said that the hours would be 9 to 6, which would be a bit better than 10 to 7.

All along though, I had this feeling that the girl I was working with would not be staying long, and sure enough, she came back from lunch one day and quit. I hate it that she quit so soon, but I was offered her hours of 7:30 to 4:30! Another prayer answered because I really wanted to have evenings with Jake and not have to come home, slap some kind of dinner on the table and then put him to bed. I also found out that his school had an after school program, and it was so simple to get him enrolled in that. He's fine with it, with only a little bit of fuss, and I feel good about him being there.

I just completed my first full time week and it went very well. This coming Friday I will have a full paycheck working full time. I will not know what to do with myself!! After 8 years of struggling with money and going back and forth between transcription companies, I feel like a person with a real job again. I don't feel like I'm some loser struggling to make ends meet, that I can't buy clothes for myself when I need them so badly or spend too much at the grocery store for fear of not having gas in the car of at least a bit of cash in my pocket in case of emergency. I feel like those times are over and I'm on my way to standing on my own two feet again! My prayers were definitely answered!

What else is new? My baby turned 6!!! Unbelievable! For the first time, we decided to have his party somewhere other than here at the house. We chose a great new park with two covered picnic areas, great playground setups, and most importantly, restrooms! Of course, it was freezing cold! Last October, Jake was in shorts, it was sunny and warm. This time, we're all cold and couldn't wait to get back home! Of course, the kids didn't seem to mind at all.

Jake and Kimberly, from his class.

Lucian! What a climber!

Jackson, Jake's cousin. What a cutie!

Jake was very protective of Kimberly. Jake's cousin Will has his eyes closed in this one! He's a cutie, too! Lucian is behind Will.

Nana made the cake. Sponge Bob, of course!

Since Jake had his first birthday, it's been my tradition to take his photo on October 19 at 10:07 pm, the date and time of his birth. Here's my baby this year. (Forgot to put his pillowcase on his pillow, duh!) How do you like those Sponge Bob Jammies?

Lastly, we have a new addition to the family. Oh, it's taking some getting used to, but she's pretty cute.

Bella is supposed to be Jake's puppy, but she really loves Pat. Luckily though, she's good with all of us. Explaining to a child how to be gentle with a puppy is tough! Jake is beginning to understand that he could hurt her if he's not careful. Of course, SHE thinks she is a big dog. Pat said at the vet's office the other day, Bella saw a big dog come out of the exam room and started to bark and growl at him. Pat said the dog could have swallowed her in one gulp, but Bella didn't let that stop her!
Bella dreams big for sure!