Saturday, May 23, 2009

What a mess!

I really can't believe what a stupid mistake I made. Have you ever NOT gone with what your gut was telling you and did something anyway? I took a job that sounded way too good to be true and it most definitely turned out to be. Long story short, it was the old bait and switch deal. They lure you in with promises and elude to things that you can expect and then you discover you're dealing with crooks, basically. Yeah, they are crooks. I started this new job March 13 and worked for four pay periods. I've received one check that I had to fight to get to clear the bank. I'm still owed over $900 and all I get is one lie after another from this "Christian based" company, it's owner and his excutive vice president. I don't care if you know you they are either.


IF you are a transcriptionist looking for work, please do not be fooled by anything these people might tell you. You won't believe the number of past and current employees still waiting for their money.

I have written to the Fort Mill Times, will be borrowing the f-ing money to go the magistrate's office on Tuesday of this week to file a breech of contract, and am getting ready to file my complaint with the Office of Investigations and Enforcement who are responsible for investigating complaints involving violation of a professional or occupational practice, labor complaints, wage disputes, child labor, etc. There seems to be some employees rounding up others for a civil action suit, but I'm not sure where that stands right now.

Since this started, it seems time has stopped for me. I can't do anything normal. Go to the post office for stamps? Oh crap, no money. Grocery store? Dang, can I borrow...? I'm sick to my stomach constantly and can't think about anything else. I know this world is filled with bad people, but I really wonder how anyone who does something like this feels about what they're doing.

On a much, much lighter note, my sweet boy graduated from 4-kindergarten. It was the sweetest little ceremony. The whole week prior to this, he fretted over it, even cried during practice, and I finally had to tell him this was something to be so proud of and how proud everyone in his family was of how well he'd done in school. I was so glad when both sets of grandparents showed up so that he could see that we all really were so excited and proud of him.

His teacher, Miss Lisa. She's such a sweet lady.

This is Jakira, who he talked about all year.

We have to schedule play dates this summer or I'll get in big trouble!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ketchup, Catsup, Catch-up!

I hate Ketchup by the way. I don't eat any condiments actually. Mayo is horrible and mustard is even worse!

Crocheted pansies and other flower designs are in my Etsy shop!

It's, otherwise, just the same-old same-old around here. I think I did about 15 loads of laundry over the weekend and this time I put it all away! That makes me really happy.

I also cleaned house. We really need to do some renovating, but just can't afford to right now. Ive said it before. Whoever lived here before us must have NEVER mopped the floors. Even after 4 years here, they are actually still filthy. I never go barefoot because I see how dirty my Swiffer mop pads are when I mop and I cringe! Pat even got down on her hands and knees and scrubbed the kitchen tile and it's no better. The carpet needs to come up, too. Paint would be simple and not expensive. It's the flooring/carpeting and the entire kitchen that needs gutting that will cost out the ass. We have tile on the counter tops. I hate grout! I hate tile counter tops. Whose idea was that? And white with white grout! AAAGGHHH! Anyway, we'll get to it eventually maybe.

Visited my dad this weekend so he could laugh at Jake. That seems to be all he does. He adores Jake and just thinks everything he does is hilarious. Of course, I forgot my camera. Jake played in the rain and afterwards was so dirty that I decided to give him a bath. Now I always bring PJs and for the first time forgot them. My dad gave me one of his t-shirts to put on Jake. Well, Jake is SUPER skinny and my dad is 6'3" and a pretty big guy. You should have seen my dad working the duct tape on this t-shirt to get it to stay on just until we got home. LOL! The worst part was that Jake had it in his head that he'd get arrested for wearing Papa's t-shirt. I never did figure out why he thought that. The poor boy really was upset. I finally got him home though and into his own jammies so that no policeman would arrest him. Whew!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Another Shawl

I finished this shawl last night. I really like the way it turned out. It's in my etsy store with the hopes of a sale so I can use half the proceeds to buy more yarn and donate those shawls. This is a rosy pink and the design is a double crochet pattern. It was very easy and fast to make. This is also 100% cotton and very lightweight. I'm thinking I'll use some yellow bamboo yarn I have to make another one!