Monday, August 18, 2008

Shhh...Be vewy quiet...I'm hunting Wabbit!

I always LOVED Bugs Bunny...I'm just not sure I ever wanted a REAL bunny!

Yep, she's real, and at least we THINK it's a girl! She's a Lionhead rabbit. Pat thought the lady who had them was pulling her leg about the name, but once she got home, Google proved her wrong. Lionhead bunnies are a fairly new breed, supposed to be pretty docile, and make great pets.

I'm not sure what came over Pat as she held this bunny and talked to the lady about them...not sure why she thought this would be a great first pet for Jake, but she did and she's here and well, I don't know what else to say! LOL!

This lovely creature's name is GingerSnap, and now that she has her own cage, a bell with something attached for her to chew on, food, water, a fresh baby carrot once a day, and alfalfa also for chewing, she seems to be settling in. Oh yeah, Pat even gave her a bath on Sunday so she's clean, too! Oh, she's not full grown yet, but we're not sure of her age, as Pat forgot to ask, but we know she's a couple of months at least.

Jake seems to like her. I know he likes to sit and watch her and talk to her, and then when Pat takes her out of her cage for exercise, he really laughs at her hopping around. Her furry feet slide on our wood floor and she's more flopping than hopping!

I guess we'll see how it goes, but I was kind of hoping for a cat or puppy. LOL!


rachel whetzel said...

She's so CUTE!! We had bunnies when I was a kid. I really liked them a lot.

Laurajean said...

At first look, she looks like a cat, so darn cute Jan.....I bet Jake is thrilled ;o)