Monday, August 25, 2008

Dress Up, Bunny Baths, and No Training Wheels!

One night I heard Jake and Pat talking about playing dress-up. Not sure whose idea this was, but here's what I saw at the fashion show. Amazing how Pat had such boyish looking clothes for him to wear!

He had a blast doing this and was quite the model. Thank goodness for Pat's clothes considering the only other option would have been Mommie's, and although I would have thought him cute, I'm sure those pictures would be much more embarrassing than these!

On the bunny front, Ginger is settling right in. She knows when Pat walks in at night that it's feeding time, but I swear she's a bunny pig! She wants to eat all the time!

Here's her "help me" shot during bath time the other day:

"This just isn't right, humans."

And here is her "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." shot: Hehe

"You WISH your facial hair looked this good!"

And now for the big news! My baby is riding his bike WITHOUT training wheels! My heart stops watching him, but after one afternoon of instructions from Pat, he's doing it! She's so good at teaching him things like this. I'm amazed at her sometimes. He's a pretty quick learner, too.

Amazing! Where's my baby?


rachel whetzel said...

ROCK ON, BIG BOY!!! Congrats on your new WHEELS!!

Tami said...

wow! that's great jan. time for some boy dress up clothes, cape's are easy to make

Christine said...

so cute! okay that bunny in that bath is ready minute it's training wheels next minute it's driver's permit.

Michelle said...

wooohoo big boy no training wheels!!congrats!!wanna come over and give mine a lesson ;)

Kristina said...

Love it...from bunnies to no training wheels....what'll be next? Love the dress up photos... he looks like a little man! Just adorable!

gab423 said...

WTG, Jake!!! You're a big boy now!!!