Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Finally Doing Something Crafty Again

Another odd day, but they all seem to be that way lately.  It's still too strange not getting up and going to work every day.  Maybe if I felt like I could enjoy it that would help? 

I'm planning on getting my craft on this weekend, possibly starting tomorrow.  I have not put together a quilt that I've had the pieces cut for and it's about time I did!  I'm thinking if it looks like I want it to afterwards, I'll try selling it to help the financial situation around here. 

My yarn stash is running short so I can't finish up my crochet projects so that I can get them donated.  I'm hoping soon there will be a little extra money for me to hit Michael's and the yarn aisle. 

I also need to print pictures.  I guess I haven't printed pictures in several years.  Every time I visit my grandmother she is always asking if I have new pictures to show her, so I'd better get them done.

Planning to put these on e-bay if I can find some information about them first.  They are tiny vases, less than 2.5 inches, all made in Occupied Japan.

If you know anything about the value of anything like this, leave a comment.  I've had them for years and I don't display them anymore so I thought that maybe selling them to someone who could add them to a collection and appreciate them would be better than them stored in a box here.

Keep an eye out for the quilting posts coming soon!

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