Friday, July 5, 2013

Actually Finishing an Old Project

I have no idea how long ago I cut the squares for these quilt ideas I had, but let's just say "a while ago".  I'm determined to finish them.  Here are my color combos.

These are all shades of brown, but some look a little pink in the photo.  I'm wondering if I should reverse the pattern.  Not sure I'm liking this, plus I ran out of room on the table to finish out the entire thing.  Probably should move to the living room floor to layout the complete look. The squares are 2 x 2 inches.  This will probably be just a quilted throw as opposed to a bed sized quilt.

These are 3-inch squares of purples.  Not sure I like the two paler colors.  May just stick with the other four.

Another 2-inch set of squares.  Not sure of my pattern yet for either purple set, but I'll play with some once I get the brown quilt finished. 

I have one quilt that's ready for the quilting.  I think it's a perfect quilt to use on the floor when your baby needs tummy time or napping.  Ignore the black threads.  That's just the basting to hold the layers together while I quilt.  The backing will be hemmed toward the front to make the border.

Somehow, Carrie Williams from Monsters University made it into this shot.  Couldn't have been Jake had anything to do with it, right?  

I saved 5 or 6 of Jake's baby blankets and I thought I'd create a simple patchwork quilt using them, but haven't completely decided yet.  That would be it for quilting though.  I'm not the best seamstress and then as far as the actual quilting part, I'm very slow.  My goal is to finish them so that's the main thing. 

Look for most progress photos soon!  I'll drag out my great-grandmother's sewing machine and get started!

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