Friday, December 5, 2008


How do you spell "pee-yew?" lol

All I know is I stink! I did the popcorn popping for movie night at Jake's school this morning. It was not bad at all and in 2 hours I had 100 bags of popcorn ready. They had one of those cute red/glass popcorn poppers like you can get at Sam's or Costco, kind of like the ones at the movie theaters. It was fun to use and made great tasting popcorn, but all day I've smelled of popcorn! YUCK! I'm sure I will not want any popcorn for quite a while.

I got my hair cut last night, just a trim, and since he had time, I asked Ralph, my hair guy, if I could try a different color. I wanted to change it up and we decided on a brunette with a little red. Well, you know that commercial where the woman dyes her hair and it looks the same each time she takes the towel off her head? (At least I think this was a commercial.) Well, that's me. Maybe we didn't use enough brown, but I'm still red, just darker. I even think it's been this color before. No problem though. We'll try again next time.

Time to cook the dinner now...wish I knew what I was cooking! : )

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