Monday, December 22, 2008

Our Weekend

Friday night was Family Game Night, and instead of staying home, we took Jake bowling. He had been once before when he and Pat visited her sister in Wilmington and really had a fun time. Took me a minute to realize they pull up these bumper rails so the balls don't get stuck in the gutter. I could use those most of the time!

It was really a fun night. Jake did fall and bump his chin on his bowling ball, but once he got over that, all was fine. I bowled a 112 with two strikes! How's that for a score? ha! Pat's score was 88, and Jake's was 55. We're so good!

Aren't these things neat for the kids? They just place the ball up there and push it down the ramp. Makes it easy for them. I think ours was a little warped though. Jake's ball veered to the right.

Who knew they made bowling shoes for little kids?!

Where Pat's standing is where she started. She didn't want to stand behind the line (not sure what it's called) and start from there. I'd say this was a little cheatage!

Cute little man!

On Saturday, we had our candy making day at my mom's. Unfortunately, my sister didn't make it until late in the day and my mom and I were stuck doing most of the work. My mom made four batches of fudge and just couldn't seem to get it right. She said she'd always heard that making fudge on a rainy day wasn't a good idea. Must be true! It mainly just got a little too hard.
I made pecan logs, home-made mounds, butterscotch crunchies, and tried the 100-grand bar recipe that my friend Tami had sent me. I think I got too much chocolate on the 100-grand bars, but they taste good otherwise.
Two recipes call for powdered sugar. I'd left a bit of a mess and along comes Jake. I hear him say, "Snow!" I'm wondering what the heck he's talking about and I see him tasting the powdered sugar. I told him what it was and gave him a little bit on a plate. Not really a good idea and let's just say I'm glad I hadn't bathed him for dinner at my dad's yet when this happened.

Once he stood up, you could see that it went all the way down his pants.

Powdered sugar everywhere!

We had a great dinner at my dad's. We had breakfast for dinner and boy, was it good! Swedish pancakes, eggs, grits, bacon, sausage, gravy, and biscuits. YUMMMMMMMY!!! Wish I had more right now!

We did help decorate their tree, which took a tumble. We'd just finished and I'm not sure what happened, but I heard the fall. We got it back up though and re-decorated it.

I was glad to get home though. After being on my feet all day cooking, I was super tired. Jake went back to sleep for me, (He'd fallen asleep in the car.) and I had a little time to myself.

Very excited about this week. Seeing the anticipation of Christmas Eve and Santa coming in Jake's eyes is the best!

Happy Holidays!!!

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Nikki said...

Love that bowling contraption for kids! I've always just seen the bumpers on the sides so they can't go in the gutter! There's always something new isn't there?

Merry Christmas to you all Jan! I hope you have a wonderful day!