Monday, December 15, 2008

Lots to Talk About!

We have NEW GUTTER GIRLZ!!! Head over and check out the new members of our Design Team! Welcome, to everyone!!! Can't wait to play in the gutter with all of you!


Did you know that if you tell a UPS driver and his superior NOT to leave a package at your neighbor's, which is not the correct address anyway, because they have a huge dog that chews up your packages that either they totally ignore you or the driver does it anyway?

Earlier last week, my cousin let me know that a package of hers and one of mine were mistakenly delivered to her neighbor's house. My package wasn't touched luckily, but only parts of 3 items out of 9 were able to found of what was supposed to be in my cousin's box. Needless to say, she immediately called UPS and Amazon. A claim was filed and Amazon immediately sent her items out to her again.

Well, guess what? I didn't get so lucky on Saturday. Once again, the UPS guy decided to feed her neighbor's dog a package! It contained a LeapTag System and an extra book. Below is what's left. Target was not as good with the customer service as Amazon. I was told I could return the item for 20% of the purchase price??? this even worth 20%?? WTF? My cousin did talk to UPS and they're contacting Target so we'll see if the situation changes. In the meantime, I can only wait. I'm just glad this wasn't a gift actually on his list, but one I thought he might like and learn with. I'm hoping my cousin will feed the UPS man to the dog if this happens again! UPDATE: UPS contacted Target and they've resent my package! YAY!


I want to share what a great time we had at my grandmother's Christmas dinner. We even had a surprise guest!

When Jake and I arrived, only my dad and his wife were there along with my great aunt and uncle. We didn't have long, though, before the house started filling up. If my count is right, my grandmother fed 36 of us, cooking every single dish by herself with the exception of a couple of desserts. The food was so wonderful and consisted of sweet potato souffle, turkey, dressing, rice and gravy, creamed corn, macaroni and cheese, peas, ham, green beans, potato salad, fruit salad, cranberry sauce, and I know I'm forgetting something! The desserts were heavenly. My grandmother made Japanese fruit cake, chocolate cake, pecan pies, coconut cake, and her quick-to-disappear Christmas custard, which is like an egg nog. My stepmom made a pound cake and everyone's favorite, German chocolate cake.

My great aunt has a birthday on December 17th so we all sang Happy Birthday in her honor, and one way or another we all squeeze into my grandmother's living room so we can hold hands during grace.

I think everyone ate their fill and I know several people (Vince, Hope, and Anne I won't mention your names.) who cleaned out most of the custard! The punch bowl was completely empty at the end of the day. I regret not getting a photo.

After everyone had their bellies full, my cousin, Leigh, called all the little kids to the living room to stand by the tree for a special surprise! Suddenly, there was a loud knock on the door and guess who walked in??? Santa Claus!!!!

Here's everyone wondering what's going on.

That's Jackson in the front...look at that face!

Jackson was also first in line to talk to the Big Guy, too. Trucks!

This is Sarah...check out the striped tights!
Here's Anna Elizabeth...She and Jake play really well together.
Will Layton...he has not sat on Santa's lap since he was a baby! This is the first year he's been brave enough to do it-big chicken.

My Jake...definitely going to let Santa know what he wants!

This is Taylor. She cried at first, but calmed down enough to talk a bit and pose for the camera.

Uh...Carson says, "Get me outta here, Mommie!!"

We managed to get my grandmother in to pose with Santa. The funniest thing was she kept asking me who played Santa, and when I told her who it was she didn't believe me!

Mel, not too shy at all to sit on Santa's Lap.

Leigh figured since her brother was playing Santa, she'd let him know that she wanted him to finish up some remodeling in her house for Christmas. Not sure he really paid attention to her.

My great aunt...she got a little bag of coal...

Jake again...

Jake with Papa and Nana. I LOVE this photo!!

And, would you say a prayer for Layne? January 5, 2009 he leaves for Parris Island...he's joined the Marines. We're very proud of him, but worried at the same time, of course.

Merry Christmas everyone!!


Christine said...

suhweet post! great things happening at the stribling household!

createdmonster said...

Best of Luck and Wishes to Layne!!

Ashley said...

best wishes for Layne.