Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Spirit - Part 2

I'm a little afraid to speak too soon, but I'm beginning to feel a bit better about the holidays now. I've got tons to do, but it's a little more under control now that I've gotten the house cleaned. That's such a chore for me anymore. I used to love cleaning...it was like a therapy for me, but now I can't stand to think about it! At least it's done now and we can start decorating, albeit late for us, for Christmas.

I have a few gifts purchased, which makes me feel a little more in control, also. I have lists made for everything I need to do, where I need to go, etc. I feel much more in control with my lists!

Perhaps after this week I can relax a bit and enjoy things. It always seem that I'm so stressed out that I am disappointed when the holidays are over because I wonder where the relaxation part of it went? Maybe that's what you get when you're single and not a parent?

This Sunday is my grandmother's HUGE Christmas dinner with extended family. It is always such a fun day despite being so closely piled into her house. The food is over-the-top delicious and done all by my grandmother. You bring something to try and help her out other than maybe a dessert and whatever you've brought does not get put out! Huge no-no!! This day is one of my very favorites each year and I'll always remember these dinners.

I have dinner at my dad's house on the 20th. We all just get together to be together, no gifts for anyone except the little kids. We're having breakfast for dinner with Swedish pancakes! My dad's wife makes the best ones!!! This will be exciting for Jake because it will probably be the first gift he gets to open.

We go to my mom's on Christmas Eve for dinner and gifts and then my grandmother's on Christmas morning. Even with just the immediate family, it's pretty darn crowded, but I love it and everyone knows that my chair is designated and no one can sit in it except me!! Ah, to be the oldest grand-daughter! haha!

This year, I don't have to do any Christmas Day cooking and I'm kind of glad in a way. It will give me the chance to come home and play with Jake and all his goodies, and we can have a relaxed bit of family time. Oh...and maybe a nap, too!

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Christine said...

glad you are more at ease during this month. happy holidays!