Monday, March 30, 2009

Prayer/Comfort Shawls

I never thought I would take any kind of break from scrapbooking, and I'm sure it's only a short one, but I have had the "need" to do something for someone else. I've thought and thought about this, scanned the Internet, and finally came up with something. If you've never heard of a prayer shawl or a comfort shawl, this site called The Prayer Shawl Ministry can enlighten you on what they are and their uses. Basically, they are handmade shawls given to someone undergoing any type of change in their life, such as an illness or grieving, where a bit of comfort is needed.

My plan is to make as many as possible to donate to our local hospital's cancer center. I am hoping to also make one for the auction at our upcoming Scrapping From the Heart fundraiser. I'm working on different patterns, including some with more of an open weave for the warmer months. I personally know that doctor's offices and clinics can be quite chilly even in the summer if you have to wait for long periods of time.

I am also selling the shawls in my etsy store with part of the proceeds going back into Project Comfort in order to be able to donate more shawls. Also, if you would like to donate yarn or make a monetary donation, it would be greatly appreciated and certainly be for a good cause. You may contact me at jks4690 "at" aol "dot" com.

I'm currently working on my first shawl, so pictures will follow soon!


latte_grande said...

Wow, Jan, good for you! Can't wait to see your finished project, I'm sure it will truly be a comfort to someone in need.

Tami said...

jen's mom received a few, i always wanted one for myself. they are lovely and so perfect. i love shawls