Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School Count Down!

I cannot believe my baby boy starts school Thursday morning! I'm hoping after talking with Pat's neice, Kelly, who Jake adores, he feels a little better about it. She told him how she loved kindergarten and wishes she could go back. She talked it up and Pat said he did say to her that he wasn't scared to go. The truth though will come Thursday morning when I drop him off.

We got his tote bag (no backpacks they said) and I put some extra "school supplies" in there for him. I'm getting all the laundry done so we can pick out a back to school outfit. It's still so hot here that we can forget jeans for a while longer, but he did get new jeans and a shirt from Grammie.

I've been praying a lot about this, not just about him going to school, but about his fear of "losing me". Even in the house, if he doesn't know I'm in the laundry room and can't find me, he goes into a panic and starts to cry. One time, he didn't realize I'd gone outside for something and I heard him screaming "Mommie" because he couldn't find me. I've told him over and over that I would never leave him, but he still gets upset. Would you believe, that he gets upset if I need privacy in the bathroom and close/lock the door? He stands outside the door and cries for me. I don't know what on earth makes him do this. It's not as if I've ever lost track of him in a store or anything like that. He's never been "lost" from me. Anyway, I can see my 20-second goodbye that I'm supposed to stick to on Thursday (according to the teacher) turning into something really awful. I really hope not though!

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