Friday, September 5, 2008

D-day! The First Day of 4K!

We all got up early and Pat made pancakes and eggs for breakfast. Jake was fine until it was time for him to get dressed and he got all teary-eyed and said he didn't want to go. I got around that by telling him that I'd wait in the car the whole time and not leave the school. He was fine after that. Of course, I had no intention of sitting there, but hey, you do what you have to do, right?

Once he was dressed, we realized we had almost an hour to wait. Pat likes to be prepared! We took pictures, too, and then finally went on over to the school. I was amazed at how he was doing, but once we went into the theater where the kids were lining up, he started to cry. All I could do was tell him not to cry, that he was going to have lots of fun, and I'd be right outside waiting for him. Once his teacher, Miss Tammy came over to try and calm him, he tried to reach for me and started crying even harder and calling, "Mom!" I turned then and left because I was going to cry and there was nothing I could do.
Pat and I did wait for a while just in case, but we went back home and jumped every time the phone rang. Everyone was calling to see how things went for him. It was so sweet!
We went back to get him at 10:30 and as I was walking to the door, he came running out saying what a good time he had and with a big smile on his face! I was so glad! His teacher, Miss Lisa (He has two.), waved me over and said he cried for about an hour, but then he was okay. What a relief! He even told me he wanted to go back. I really hope Monday will be much easier for both of us.
Anyway, here are the pictures:

Having Breakfast

All ready to go...How sweet is he??


gab423 said...

Yup...he is sweet, alright! Just adorable, Jan!

Roni said...

he's sooooo handsome Jan! man i wish mine was heading off to 4k too! daycare gets expensive! i just want to wish you guys a great school year!

createdmonster said...

He is too cute!! When I dropped Joshua off the other day (his first day of pre-k), he started crying and ran after hub and I. It was sad, but I took him back and told him to read. Then, we ran! lol The teacher said he cried for about 5 minutes, and then was fine. He wasn't overly happy to go back he next day, but he went. Now, he loves "my school" and his "like a hundred friends"! lol :0)