Sunday, September 13, 2009

Getting Up For School

I remember how hard it was to get up and get ready, don't you? If you rode the bus like we did, you probably had to get up that much earlier, too. Compared to what time I had to get up as a kid, Jake's got it pretty easy since we start waking him up at 6:45. Noticed I said "start." He'll eventually come into the living room where I've turned on Play With Me Sesame, a half hour take off show of Sesame Street. He never wanted to watch it or Sesame Street when he was smaller, but Play With Me Sesame has been a hit since school started. I love hearing him laugh at Elmo and Grover dancing or Ernie annoying the crap out of Bert.

He still grumps and complains while I'm cooking breakfast, and as I was doing so Friday morning, I peeked into the living room to make sure he was up.

This is what I saw...Bert, Ernie, and that blob on the couch.

Guess the blob is not quite awake yet, but I did hear a little laughter coming from it.


rachel whetzel said...

HA!! He cracks me UP!!

Inkster said...

psst - you won my blog giveaway!:D