Monday, August 10, 2009

Fun Weekend!

This Saturday was Carson's first birthday! She invited Jake to a pool party at her Marmie's house and we had lots of fun.

Here's the birthday girl and her mommie!

Having a little snackie.

There were hotdogs and chips, ice cream sundaes, and of course birthday cake!

Carson had her own, of course!


Sweet Carson got lots of presents including a tea set, a baby doll, and a trike!

Jake is learning how to swim and did great with the swimmies. At first I wasn't going in with him, so Hope volunteered to help out.

It was so hot, though, I broke down and went in the pool. The water felt great, but after playing with the kids, lifting Jake out of the pool so he could slide into the water about 100 times, and of course getting more sun than I needed to, I was pooped! I really wanted to do this:

Instead, I had to deal with this little guy:

Don't you love those goggles? : )

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