Friday, February 6, 2009

Please tell me it's over?

So I'm a couple days out from my 10-day fog, and on Wednesday I'm feeling a little odd. By noon, I've got chills and muscle aches coming in waves. What The Hell? I get through work and collapse. I'm so cold I can't get warm. I don't sleep much that night because I'm shivering so that I can't relax. On Thursday comes this horrendous headache. I'm still taking Lyrica for my facial pain, and after the drug reaction from the other weekend, I'm a little wary of taking anything for the headache. Then, let's add some stomach pain to the headache, shall we? I can tell I'm dehydrated, but nothing sits well. I managed a shower Thursday after work and by 11 pm I was feeling a bit better. I slept better than I had the previous night and this morning, I feel okay. I've just managed to eat a bit for lunch, all this while gagging over the ravioli I made for Jake.

So is this it? Please? Not sure I can take anything else right now.

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