Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I can't believe it!

Have I been so busy that I haven't even updated my blog with pictures and tales from the SC Tally Rally??? Geez! And now, Jake's birthday has passed us as well as Halloween and November is already five days in with today being the day after Election Day! Incredible!

I am so proud of our country right now. I think most Americans were so anxious for change, and the way this election went it was so obvious. I pray for President Obama, his safety, and that the congress will realize they need to work with this President for change. Surely, the American vote proves that we are all tired of how this country has been run.

Halloween in our neighborhood was not as active this year as it has been. Not as many trick-or-treaters and not as many homes participating in giving out treats. Jake wasn't disappointed though. He dressed up as Indiana Jones this year. He's never seen an Indiana Jones movie, and I'm not sure how he came up with the idea, but that was who he wanted to be.

Also, my little guy turned 5 this year!!! It seems impossible to me that he's 5 years old. We had another party at home this year. Maybe next year we'll do something different, but I like having family come as well, and I know his grandparents might not enjoy the noise of a place like Chuckie Cheese. He picked Mario Bros. as his theme this year, and I thought the bakery did a great job on his cake!

Playing EleFun!

Look at my boy!

Today though, Pat took Jake to the doctor and he has both ears infected and bronchitis! I can't believe we've gone this long without any ear problems, but I guess we've been blessed in that department.

Look for some pics from the SC Tally Rally soon!

AND! A very special thank you to Rachel W. (aka TallyHo) for designing my wonderful new banner! I love it!!


Nikki said...

Oh Jan, Jake looks so adorable in his costume! And that cake....so cool!

Christine said...

jake is the best indiana jones. shila better look out!

cant' wait to see pics of the rally and love your new blog banner. it's always good to know a ho!